Frequently Asked Questions

When is the marquee delivered?

Generally on Friday and picked up on Monday however we telephone you on the Thursday evening prior to the hire to confirm these times.

Can the marquee be used to extend a pergola, outdoor area or garage?

Yes, we do this all the time and it works really well.

What are the marquees made from?

The frame is made from quality commercial grade aluminium and the top is made from heavy duty waterproof PVC.

Are the marquees safe?

Our experienced and expert installers will make sure the marquees are safe and secure in strong winds.

Can the marquee be set up on a hard surface?

Yes, we use weights to secure the marquee.

Can the marquee be set up on sloping ground?

Yes, the legs of our marquees are adjustable to take account of sloping ground.

How long before my event do I need to book?

As we are often booked out, to avoid disappointment our advise would be to book as soon as you decide this is what your doing for your event.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are happy to supply a certificate of currency from our insurer.

Do your marquees comply with Australian Standards?

Yes they do, we are happy to supply a Structural Engineers Report for our marquees.

Do your marquees have walls?

Yes our marquees have solid white walls.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to the whole of the metropolitan area, contact us for pricing outside the metro area.

Do you do tables and chairs?

We can organise tables, chairs and all your party hire needs through the PARTY PLUS network of stores.

Can we have our marquee cooled in hot weather?

Yes we can arrange evaporative cooling of your marquee.

What height are the marquees?

2.1m going to 3.2 m at the peak.

How many and where are the openings on the marquee?

This is completely flexible, we can cover in and leave open whatever sides you require on the day.

Can the marquee be heated?

We can arrange a marquee heater to keep your guests snug on those cooler nights.

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