Marquee Hire Prices

At Perth Marquee Hire, we're proud to offer the widest variety of marquees to fit any style, as well as the most competitive prices in the industry. If the rain is threatening, or if the sun is burning too hot, then we have the perfect marquee that will not only protect your guests from unpredictable weather but one that will also look great at your event.

You can rely on us for corporate events, parties, funerals, weddings, and other special events. We put our eleven years of industry experience into providing you with the best possible service at extremely affordable prices that you just won't believe.

We cater to everything you want - from simple to lavish – and we have what you need at the lowest prices in town.

Our prices are inclusive of the following:
- GST (Goods and Services Tax)
- Professional delivery service
- Marquee set up
- Marquee break-down
- Collection

Our goal is to ensure that your marquee hire experience is as convenient and hassle-free as possible.
We've included a handy guide on this page to help you determine the right marquee size that you'll need for your event. If you're not sure about the size of the tent, simply make your choice according to the number of people that will be attending your event.

For instance, for 12 people you will require a 3m x 3m (10 feet x 10 feet), and for 50 people, you will require the 6m x 6m marquee, and so on. We've included the corresponding prices to make the process of deciding much smoother for you.

If you still need assistance with tent sizing, just click the button below and one of our marquee hire experts will assist you.

We Do It All!

Because our marquees are quick and easy to install we can pass on savings to you in the prices below.

Prices include GST, Delivery, Setup and Pick Up.

Size (m)Size (ft)PeopleCost
3m x 3m10' x 10'12 people$250
3m x 6m10' x 20'25 people$290
3m x 9m10' x 30'35 people$360
3m x 12m10' x 40'50 people$400
6m x 6m
20' x 20'50 people$400
6m x 9m20' x 30'75 people$530
6m x 12m20' x 40'100 people$660
6m x 15m
20' x 50'125 people$790
6m x 18m20' x 60'150 people$920

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